We hear music all around us.  In our car, our home, in the park, at the beach and even in the shower.

But are we really listening.

I love to listen to music.  All genres… With or without words, just hearing the instruments play one by one, or all together… is an incredible sound.  I like picking out different instruments from the song… But what I like more is hearing the words to the songs, and feeling them go through me.  Piercing my soul.  One says that every one of us has a creative talent.  It is up to us to embrace is, use it, grow with it…   Musicians have already been interesting people to me.  They take a couple of words, put some sound to them and poof, they have a song.

Living the words of the songs we hear, is not only a journey, but a hidden honor.  I don’t think musicians that write the songs sometimes hear what they are writing… Feel what they are beating, living what they are singing…

I created this blog to share with you my feelings from the music beating in my days… and what I am doing living with the words of the songs…

I believe all of us has a song to sing, whether we have written it or not…  I believe that we have a life to live with that song.