Let Me Be The ONE!

4082730318_7f48a2a432_bWhen this song came out by Expose in 1987, I was in the USN and was not interested in being the one for anyone. Not even me.

As the years passed by and I would say this very saying to someone special in my life, Let me be the one…

I wasn’t really meaning, be the one to love you….  I wanted to be the one in your life.

Partners come and go, and I continued to say this to the next one… Let me be the one..

From the Lyrics:

Let me
Hold you close to me
Be the one
Because our love is strong
Let me
Feel the need in me
Be the one
Together we belong

After many years of relationships and saying this to pretty much each of them, after 30 years of wanting to be the one… I have now found the one.  That ONE is ME!

It’s incredible to feel one with myself.  Look up the lyrics, “Because our love is strong”… Love for ones self is truly where it starts.  How can I even fathom being one to another if I can’t be the one to me.

Feel the need in me….  All that I need has always been inside me…  All that I need will always be beside me….

Let Me Be The One to Love You.


Because of you…..

When I first heard this song, and I have to admit it wasn’t on the first day it was released.  My thoughts immediately went to one person in the relationship was afraid of the other.  And of course, that sends up red flags, etc.

Each time after that I heard this song, I felt something different with it.  I found it empowering, inspiring…

Because of you, I won’t hurt like that again.

Because of you, I want to live life to the fullest without missing a thing..

Because of you, I won’t cry for the same damn thing…

Because of you, I try my hardest to remember all the good things

Because of you, I am not afraid anymore…

For me, I would like to think that because of you, I am a stronger person, more loving, more kind, more trusting of myself…  Because of you, I am me.

(Kelly Clarkson wrote this about her parents’ divorce when she was 6 years old. The song might be aimed at her mom. When the divorce happened, her mom was always busy and little Kelly had to make sandwiches for herself to eat.)